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Long Term



Long Term Strategies



After hitting certain targets and goals, we will start transitioning into our long term platform which we refer to as a “buy and hold” strategy. This approach allows us to leverage the value of our funds and purchase multi-unit complexes, such as apartments, storage units, or multiple rental properties. Our partners then own income producing assets without having to come back out of pocket. The investments are made using the initial capital invested in the fund. These assets provide the benefit of residual cash flow, as well as equity positions moving forward. The revenue provided from these properties are paid out to investors through net profit distributions. The leveraged debt will be paid off over a period of time using a portion of the payments made by the tenants of these units. Over time, the assets would not only distribute residual income for all partners, but it also provides an opportunity to exit the investment with a potentially large payout.

-Exit Strategy-

 Real Estate investors all around the world have utilized the advantages of building long term equity to realize large future gains. The fund offers the ability to receive the benefits of a high rate of return in the short term, residual income during the long term, and finally the opportunity to sell our assets, which could provide a multiple return on investment. Historically, multi-unit income properties have proven to rise substantially in value over time. During the management phase, we expect to be able to increase our equity position as our banking partners’ positions decrease. Once we have hit what we believe to be a profitable selling point, we will have the opportunity to sell or re-finance our equity. Investors would then be able to accept a cash payout based on their interest in the fund.