JT Rivers Real Estate
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Short Term


Short Term Strategy


• Take advantage of the growth of several different markets throughout the country

• Participate in multiple properties and projects to diversify investor capital and minimize risk

Our targeted markets include hot spots in Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, Missouri, and Illinois. We focus on developing and participating in these markets for a variety of reasons:

• Growth of overall Economy and strength of key industries

• Overall job, population, and income growth

• General desirability- Do people want to live here? Each region offers different benefits and advantages to be profitable.

This also allows us to stay diversified and protects from the inevitable ups and downs that all markets see from time to time. As the old adage goes “don’t put all your eggs in one basket”. We follow this rule and evaluate assets in real time to help us understand the risks and opportunities of each area. In addition to the typical large, populated city, we look for territories that have stability and consistent signs of an independent local economy. We have found some markets have simply been overlooked by investors which gives us a competitive advantage. Many regional pockets are starting to reach maturity, but are not meeting the demands of new development. This gives us the ability to renovate older homes, rejuvenate, and update neighborhoods that may have started to lose their “charm”. We work with a large network of professionals in each area we choose to do business in, which allows us to be more effective in our approach to gain ground in any particular market. Each area can vary immensely when it comes to the needs and demands of buyers in that part of the country. We use local experts to provide us with some of the most up to date information and data available. With this strategy, it allows us to protect investor capital through true diversification. If one project were not to perform, instead of affecting any one individual investor, the loss would be absorbed by the gains of other properties and assets.