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Real Estate investing has created some of the most wealth in our country. As the largest industry in the United States, it provides opportunities to take advantage of multiple revenue streams to create profits for investors and their families. Our network of experienced professionals gives us the ability to work in a variety of different aspect inside the industry. This includes: Home Renovations/Flips, New Construction, Single Family Rental Properties, and multi-unit complexes. Our strategies allow us to be diversified throughout our operations and offers the ability to maintain growth through ups and downs in the different markets. 

Home Renovations/Flipping

We flip distressed and/or high margin properties and sell for profit. This has become a popular business model inside the industry and has proven to very profitable for many investors and flipping companies. Our approach to this strategy has given us a unique upper hand to others by working with charity groups and government entities to develop in lower income areas to help create profitable options in a focused area while helping the communities we develop. While we don't only work in these areas, we have seen great results in building our brand, increasing revenue, and creating value for our partners. We believe home renovations will continue to be a profitable strategy for our company and investors as we increase market share in a variety of different markets. 

New Construction is at a historical low right now in our country. While there are millions of homes needing to be flipped and restored, new construction volumes are way behind and demand is starting to increase drastically. Demand is something we put a lot of focus on when it comes to building new properties. As we've all seen during the 2008 recession, oversupply can be a big problem for developers. Our strategy allows us to develop properties in real time as demand stays consistent. Because we don't solely rely on new construction as our core business, it allows us to build with demand and not try and force it into a market that is oversupplied. Our goal is always to try and pre-sell our new homes before their complete, but if that goal is not met, we will sell the existing homes before building more. 

Rental Properties

Rental income is a huge and popular investment model for investors all around the country, and rightly so. There are great advantages for owning rental properties. Many of the flips that we do make good rental options for investors. Because we buy our houses so cheap and them fix them up nicely, we can still sell our newly renovated homes at a price that makes it available for rental investment opportunities. The added benefit is that the investor and renter gets a property with nice updates, but in many cases our investors can actually can charge higher rents as well. 

Multi-Unit Rental Complexes are only available for investors inside our funds.(Click for more info) This is part of our long term strategies for our investment funds. We focus on multi-units such as apartments, office complexes, and storage units. 

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