JT Rivers Real Estate

Current Opportunites

Current Opportunities

As many of our investors and other industry professionals have noted, the structure of our real estate funds are unique and unlike most any other on the market. We create our funds with a tiered platform

 • First tier – acquire, renovate and sell for high net gains.

 • Second tier – a consistent, long term, buy and hold approach.

Our short term platform consists of us taking advantage of distressed, high margin properties and flip for profit. We leverage with our banking partners, 3rd party investors, and fund assets to develop the properties to maximize returns. The capital used is returned back into the fund along with profits when a property is sold. Investors then receive interest payouts through the net profits of the sale in the form of distributions. Our partners enjoy the benefit of receiving dividends on their investment while maintaining their position without having to continually re-invest. Your capital continues to work for you in future properties increasing your return on investment. Once we have hit our targeted goals, we then transition the assets of the fund into our “buy and hold” strategy. The long term platform consists of us leveraging our assets to acquire real estate properties that have an upside of continued residual income, as well as building equity value into the future. A key benefit to our partners is not only a high level of return through the short term platform, but they also maintain their interest moving forward for continual income and a full equity position with an exit strategy that could pay out multiple times over. 


Our Mission

We are determined to offer opportunities to our partners that will help them build growth and sustainability to their investment portfolios. As investors ourselves, we see the value in short term profits that allow investors to continue to invest, as well as the long term goal of creating legacy assets for all of our families and future generations.